Welcome to the Sapiens Promise Site. This is the first "activism" campaign to be organised by the Sapiens Movement. Its purpose is to help achieve a just outcome to the Israeli/Palestinian crisis.

In this site's "Links" you will find a list by country, of organisations actively seeking the same goal. Ultimately it is intended that this list should be the most comprehensive available. Additions to it are sought. Those organisations listed which also subscribe to Sapiens Promise are highlighted.

Membership of Sapiens Promise is restricted to organizations and groups working to achieve peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Individuals are very welcome guests to the site but, if they wish to contribute to this cause, they should join one of the groups referred to above. They are also urged to join the Sapiens Movement in its long-term goal to prevent such conflicts ever arising in the future.

This is a non-partisan site, which represents a pragmatic attempt to help achieve a just and permanent solution to the ongoing crisis between Israelis and Palestinians. After it is peacefully resolved, the 10-20 million of the world's population immediately affected by this problem will then be able to lead normal lives. So too will the remaining 5.98 billion of humanity whose lives are also directly or indirectly blighted by its continuation.

The Zionist endeavour to set up the state of Israel in the Holy Land and the resultant conflict, is an historical traffic accident that cannot be reversed. Now is the time for damage control. The many casualties need treatment and the wreckage has to be cleared before any more of human history piles into it. Those nations responsible for the pile-up need to pay the cost of clearing it up and compensation to the victims. The cost will be heavy – but not as heavy as continuing to live with the road still blocked.

There are two possible outcomes to the problem that offer no solution. For the zealots of the Zionist right, we have the prospect of the gradual implementation of a total ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from the ghetto they have currently been confined to (and of a perpetual war fuelled by such a gross act.) For some groups of Arab advocates of random violence against innocent civilians, we have the (highly unlikely) prospect of driving the Israeli colonists into the sea and the total obliteration of their state. This site does not belong to advocates of either of these extremist “solutions.”

That leaves two other solutions – either of which could be made workable. Firstly, we have the two-state solution. This involves, at the very minimum, the total return to Palestinian control of all that 22% of their former lands that still remained to them before the war of 1967. If both populations were reconciled to this outcome, there would be no reason why those Israeli settlers who chose to, should not remain in their settlements as Palestinian citizens – provided the international community adequately compensated the Palestinians for their generosity.

Secondly, we have the single-state solution on the South African model in which both Palestinians and Israelis become citizens of a unified state with a single capital in Jerusalem. Everyone would have the ability to return to, or retain their own homes, provided they could afford to pay the sum required. The international community would have to provide the financial support required to enable them to do so.

The single-state would provide a greater sense of justice than the two-state solution, which would still leave the Palestinians smarting from their earlier cleansing from the majority of the land they once owned.

Be that as it may, it is for the Israelis to reach the conclusion that either of the above two solutions would be in their best interests and should be allowed. It is for the Palestinians to decide which is the more acceptable to them.

It is for the supporters of justice and reconciliation in the Holy Land to bring about this situation. The Israelis have to be brought to the realisation that their current persecution of the Palestinians has to come to an end and justice be done in an atmosphere of reconciliation. Pleas of legality and natural justice have been ignored since the day Israel declared its independence. The only course left open is to raise the economic cost to it and its ally, the USA, to a point where continuing with their current policies becomes untenable.
Shared Information:Coordinated action.
There are 5 million Palestinians restricted to an Israeli defined "homeland" on what looks set to become approx 13% of the territory that used to belong to them and their forefathers. Though these people are struggling with amazing resilience they are quite unable to achieve justice on their own account. They rely on others, living beyond direct Israeli control, to help them regain their freedom.

Those others potential helpers consist of:-
  • Sundry nation states that have their own reasons for not being too helpful. Firstly their leaders are fearful that pro-Zionist pressure groups could harm their electoral futures. Secondly, they fear diplomatic and economic retaliation from the Zionists’ all-powerful US patron.
  • International aid organizations, such as UN agencies, whose initiatives are limited by the fact that the Security Council is merely a reflection of the policies of the most powerful of its member states; their inhibitions are its inhibitions.
  • Sundry Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that are active in providing aid and assistance and taking advantage of the greater freedom of action their independent status allows.
  • Several million Palestinian refugees and their descendants living in countries outside Israeli control.
  • Millions of non-Palestinian sympathisers both Moslem and non-Moslem scattered throughout the world. Some are motivated simply by the repugnance they feel at so blatant an injustice; others also realise that they have a more practical interest in its remedy in that it represents a growing threat to the future of everyone on Earth.
  • Many of the individual sympathisers, (many of whom are Jews and many of whom are Israelis) are organised into various support organizations, which are, to a greater or lesser extent, active as political pressure groups at both national and international levels.

Though the politically active groups achieve minor victories here and there, their success at stopping the right wing of Israel’s Zionist movement moving irresistibly to its declared goal of taking whatever portion of the land it wants, is not in any way apparent.

To remedy this situation it is proposed to set up a one-stop information clearing-house for all the disparate groups working for a just and lasting peace and thus simplify the organization of coordinated campaigns designed to achieve the common goal