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Zionism in practice – Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Property

24 hours to 8am
24 June 2014

1 attack – 55 raids including home invasions – 3 beaten – 4 injured – 4 acts of agricultural/economic sabotage – 27 taken prisoner – 12 detained – 118 restrictions of movement

Israeli Navy opens fire on Palestinian fishing boats

Palestinian homes and farmland under Israeli Army fire following act of armed resistance

Home invasions – resident hospitalised after Israeli Army dog attack

Israeli Army home invasion – vandalism and theft of tractor

Israeli Army home invasions – well and irrigation network destroyed

Israeli Army home invasion – family hit with destruction order on their home

Israeli Army home invasion and military occupation

Night peace disruption and/or home invasions in refugee camp and 32 towns and villages

[Source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group]

Armed Palestinian resistance:

Gaza – afternoon, an Israeli Army vehicle came under fire in East Gaza and the Israeli Army responded by opening fire on nearby homes and farmland.


Northern Gaza – dawn, the Israeli Navy opened fire on Palestinian fishing boats off al-Sudaniya in West Beit Lahiya.

Home invasions and occupation:


  • 19:00, the Israeli Army raided Bir Nabala and searched a home and a vehicle repair shop.

  • 23:40 , Israeli troops raided al-Eizariya and invaded a home and a shop.

  • 03:30 , the Israeli Army raided Biddu and invaded a home.

Ramallah 02:40 , Occupation troops searched two homes.


  • 04:00 , the Israeli Army raided Siris village, searched three homes and ordered a person to report for interrogation at Israeli Military Intelligence.

  • dawn , Israeli forces raided Araba and vandalised the interior of a home while searching it. One person was taken prisoner.

  • dawn , the Israeli Army raided Bir al-Basha village and vandalised the interior of a home while searching it. Occupation troops later made off with a farm tractor.


  • midnight , Occupation forces raided Far’un and searched a home.

  • 00:45-04:00 , the Israeli Army raided Tulkarem and searched two homes.

Qalqiliya 01:40-04:20 , Israeli troops raided Kafr Laqif village, searched several homes and took five people prisoner.


  • 01:05-04:35 , the Israeli Army raided Madma village, searched several homes, occupied a local school for use as a military post, interrogated several residents, assaulting one of them, and took one villager prisoner.

  • 02:35 , Occupation troops raided Tel village, invaded several homes and took a university student prisoner.

Salfit 21:00 , the Israeli Army raided Iskaka village and searched a home.


  • 11:00, Israeli forces raided al-Jub’a village and searched several homes, a well and local caves. Before withdrawing, the Israeli Army carried out a survey of local farmland.

  • 16:00-20:20, the Israeli Army raided Nahalin village, searched several homes and took a person prisoner.

  • 21:20-23:00 , Occupation forces raided Za’tara and searched several homes.

  • 23:10 , the Israeli Army raided Harmala village, searched several homes and and took two people prisoner.

  • 02:00-05:10 , Israeli troops equipped with assault dogs raided Bethlehem, al-Aaza and the al-Aida refugee camp and searched several homes. One person, Ibrahim Al-Nashash, was bitten by an Israeli Army dog and hospitalised and two people were taken prisoner.


  • 08:00, the Israeli Army raided Nuba, Kharis, Beit Ulla and Tarqumiya, searched several homes and shops, took away CCTV recordings – examined several wells and conducted a survey of local land.

  • 08:00, Occupation troops raided Halhul, Haska and Khirbeit Ihsa, searched several homes and bulldozed crops while destroying a well and an irrigation network. The Israeli Army then occupied a home for use as a military post and interrogation centre and took two people prisoner.

  • 14:40, the Israeli Army raided Ithna, invaded the home of a person who had been released in the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange and issued his family with an order to demolish their home.

  • 15:00, Israeli forces raided Surif and searched a home.

  • 18:00, the Israeli Army raided Dura and searched two homes.

  • 18:00-23:20 , Occupation forces raided Beit Kahil, searched a home and detained a resident.

  • 20:35, the Israeli Army raided Halhul, searched several homes, interrogated a resident and injured another, Jihad Abu Samiya, who was admitted to hospital. Another home was occupied and its roof used as a sniper post.

  • 00:30 , Israeli troops raided al-Samou’ and searched several homes.

  • 00:30 , the Israeli Army raided Beit Awa and searched several homes.

  • 00:30 , Occupation troops raided Hebron, and used explosives to blast their way into a home to search it. Several other homes and shops were also searched.

Palestinian attacks: none

Raids: 55 including home invasions


  • 09:30, settler militants, escorted by Israeli troops and police, invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and molested worshippers.

  • 21:00 ,the Israeli Army raided al-Issawiya and took a person prisoner.


  • 10:40, Israeli troops raided the area between Deir Dibwan and Ramoun.

  • 10:40, the Israeli Army invaded Beitunya, raided an agricultural tractor business, took one person prisoner and took away a computer.

  • 21:55-02:00 , Occupation troops raided Sinjil.

  • 23:30 , the Israeli Army raided Ramallah.


  • 20:40, Israeli forces raided Jit village and ordered a person to report for interrogation at Israeli Military Intelligence.

  • 02:30 , the Israeli Army raided Qalqilya.


  • 21:00 , Occupation forces raided Qusin village.

  • 22:50 , the Israeli Army raided Nablus.

Salfit 01:15-02:35 , Israeli troops raided Hares village.

Jericho – 12:30 and again at 01:00 , the Israeli Army raided al-Oja.

Bethlehem 19:30-22:10 , Occupation troops raided the area between Husan and Nahalin and conducted a survey of the area.


  • 21:00 , Israeli forces raided the Old City Jabal Juhar area, destroyed a livestock shelter and ordered the closure of an electronic appliance shop.

  • 23:00 , the Israeli Army raided the villages of Karza, Abu Assaja , al-Bureij and al-Qal’a villages and conducted a survey of the areas.

Times indicated in Bold Type contribute to the sleep deprivation suffered by Palestinian children.

Restrictions of movement: 118

The Israeli Occupation’s military restrictions on Palestinian freedom covered by this category include:

  • Checkpoints at the entrances to towns and villages to prevent people entering or leaving.

  • Interference with people attempting to move around towns and villages.

  • Cement blocks and barbed wire on roads.

  • Rubble on roads.

  • Farmers prohibited from going onto their land to work it.

  • Road closures to isolate areas in which the Israeli Army considers the presence of Palestinians to be ‘illegal’.

  • Yasser Arafat International Airport is permanently closed and Palestinians needing to enter or leave Palestine can do so only with Israeli permission.

  • Interference with access to mosques and freedom of worship.

  • Wall Gates. The gates in Israel’s annexation Wall, which restrict Palestinian access to their land on both sides.

  • Curfews. Anyone appearing in the street or at a window is liable to be shot dead.

  • Israel enforces many of the above restrictions with the threat, or actual use, of military action as well as personal physical assault. Thus, Palestinians are faced with an all-pervasive and constant state of Israeli violence towards them.


Hebron – Israeli Occupation forces continue to enforce a military order prohibiting Palestinian vehicles from using Shalala Old Street and allowing only Israeli civilian and military vehicles on the road.


Palestine Human Rights Campaign

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